The BPO/SSC sector has developed rapidly over the last 10 years with its main hub in Tricity. More than 47 modern business services centres operate here and employ approx. 15,000 employees. What distinguishes Tricity in the Polish BPO/SSC sector is a distinctively higher employment at research and development centres. Currently, approx. 1,800 people are employed in the Tricity R&D centres.

Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship said: “Numerous investments in infrastructure that have been co-financed by the EU and private funds keep boosting the attractiveness of the region.” 

The sector’s development is currently gaining momentum. During 2014, six new brands entered the market – ThyssenKrupp, Proservartner, MOL Europe, CCC, CCIG and PwC.  New investments will create up to 1,500 jobs. At present, Tricity is one of the most rapidly developing regional markets in Poland. “At the turn of the century, the office market in Tricity did not exist. Today, it is the third largest regional market in Poland,” said Mieczysław Struk.

At the end of 2014, total office stock in Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot amounted to 400,000 sqm. Błażej Kucharski, Gdańsk Regional Director at Colliers International said: “Over the last five years, developers have completed 200,000 sqm of space for lease, which is half of the currently existing supply.”

Also retail market is growing dynamically. There are approx. 847,000 sqm of retail space available to residents and visitors in Pomerania in 34 shopping centres. The supply of retail space is concentrated in the Tricity agglomeration, where 25 facilities operate with a total gross leasable area (GLA) of approx. 692,000 sqm. In addition to Tricity, there are smaller cities such as Słupsk, Chojnice and Tczew. Moreover, there are market niches for new investments. New shopping centres will be built in Gdańsk as well in Starogard Szczeciński, Kwidzyn and Malbork.

In turn the total supply of modern industrial space in the Pomeranian province is 257,900 sqm, available within 11 existing projects. The stock is concentrated in the Tricity agglomeration (Gdańsk, Gdynia) and its surrounding commune (Pruszcz Gdański, and Kowale). The other locations (Malbork, Słupsk, Chojnice) offer predominantly B-class projects, which are not included in the general statistics. 

In the near future, Tricity will still be attractive for investors mainly from the residential and office sectors. The rapid development of transport, road and port infrastructure is noticeably changing the geometry of Tricity investment. The Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway or road tunnel under the Dead Vistula will have a significant impact on the growth in the attractiveness of land in the vicinity of these investments.