The report analyses the broad macroeconomic trends which Colliers expect to drive change in Europe’s logistics markets over the next ten years.  The key factors are set out below:

  • Economic growth in Eastern Europe will play a key role in influencing new infrastructure and supply chains within Europe.
  • Poland in particular, is set to emerge as a major force as it benefits from new infrastructure, manufacturing and consumer demand growth.
  • Istanbul is already integrated into the European rail network, and the additional 14,336 km of extra track scheduled for development over the next decade will drive increased freight through Europe’s south easterly border
  • The emergence of new deep-water ports in Turkey will help to facilitate increased transhipment activity in the Eastern Mediterranean.
  • The North Adriatic ports will become ever more important as they expand their container capacity.
  • Trade between Europe and Asia will increase markedly, putting pressure on existing supply chains and creating new ones.
  • China and India are set to play an increasing role in global trade in the next decade and beyond.

Karel Stransky, director of Corporate Solutions at Colliers International, commented:

“Poland’s predicted presence in the top three, (in terms of consumer spending  and manufacturing increases within Europe), means it is set to play a huge role in the future of the European logistics markets.  Turkey too, will also see a major uplift in traffic through its railways and ports, in no small part due to the increased manufacturing output from Asia which will flow through Europe’s southern entry points.

“Provided the improvements to infrastructure continue as planned, we believe that the industrial and logistics market in Europe is set to be one of the biggest boom sectors over the next ten years.”

Colliers International’s report also identifies the following cities as “Emerging Distribution Hubs” by 2020:

  • Gdansk/Gdynia (Poland)
  • Lodz (Poland)
  • Katowice/Wroclaw (Poland)
  • Bratislava (Slovakia) / Brno (Czech Republic)
  • Izmir (Turkey)
  • Belgrade / Nis (Serbia)
  • Istanbul (Turkey), Moscow (Russia) and St Petersburg (Russia) to all grow in to major hubs