In 2017, the most office space was leased by Colliers in Warsaw (almost 96,000 sqm), while among regional cities Poznań (35,000 sqm), Tricity (25,000 sqm) and Kraków (20,000 sqm) lead the way.

“Last year’s excellent result is a reason to be proud. It is also confirmation that our actions are meeting tenants’ needs. Our work is guided by the customer’s satisfaction, not by the amount of leased metres. This results in long-term relationships,” said Paweł Skałba, Senior Partner and Director of the Office Agency at Colliers International.

The largest transactions were finalised by Colliers International in cities such as Poznań (25,500 sqm, confidential tenant), Bydgoszcz (21,100 sqm, ATOS), Kraków (10,400 sqm, HCL) and Warsaw (7,200 sqm, confidential tenant).

“Our success and number one position is made up of many elements. Challenges appear almost every day. In order to meet them, we constantly observe and analyse all aspects of the market that are important for our clients. In the real estate market, only those who can adapt to the changes, which are an integral part of the sector, may fit into current market demands. “Market redefinition” based on someone’s own recognition, without analysing whether solutions or services are needed or if there is any demand for them, is completely pointless. After achieving the number one position in the regions, we would like to move to the next phase,” said Robert Z. Karniewski, Senior Partner and Regional Markets Director at Colliers International.

In 2017, Colliers International Office Agency leased the largest amount of office space in the company’s history. Tenants and landlords representation teams completed almost 200 transactions in Poland, accounting for about 286,000 sqm of office space.