CEDET offers over 22,000 square metres of modern office and retail space. The shopping area with street level access is arranged over floors -1, 0 and +1. The space from levels 2 to 6 will be occupied by offices around the patio. A new wing dedicate to offices has been added at the corner of Bracka and Krucza. Under the building there is a car park with 139 parking places and facilities for cyclists.

CEDET, the old Central Department Store, commonly known as Smyk, is a prestigious address in Warsaw and an icon of Polish post-war modernism. Thanks to its attractive location, beautiful architecture and careful restoration, the 7-storey building is set to be a landmark in the city centre.

“CEDET is an extremely important building for the identity of Warsaw, and we have returned it to the residents in its historical form. When choosing the property manager, we considered the highest standards of service provided by Colliers International and the company's reputation in the real estate market,” says Jacek Wachowicz, CEO Immobel Poland.

“We are glad that Immobel Poland placed its trust in our competencies and years of experience. CEDET is a special investment, linking the historic and boutique character with the modern office and retail areas in the heart of the city center. Along with the highest management standards, this icon of modernism will become not only a comfortable place for tenants to work, but also a popular place for shopping and meetings among the people of Warsaw, who are exceptionally fond of this building,” says Agnieszka Krzekotowska, Director, Real Estate Management Services, Colliers International.

The investment was delivered by Immobel Poland, in cooperation with the renowned studios of AMC - Andrzej M. Chołdzyński and RKW - Rhode Kellermann Wawrowsky. The architects wanted to reconstruct the original, glass facade with its characteristic horizontal divisions, bending around the rounded corners. The restored and expanded building will now recreate the western frontage of Bracka street and give a retail and business character to this part of the city.

The Central Department Store, built in 1949-1952, designed by the renowned architects Zbigniew Ihnatowicz and Jerzy Romański, was definitely ahead of its time in the 1950s in Poland. Built in the central part of post-war Warsaw, CEDET was the retail landmark of the city and a popular place for shopping. For many years, the building was lit up by a swirling line of neon – designed and made in the German Democratic Republic. The developer has decided to return the neon to its old place.