The office was designed and decorated in accordance with the "flexible workplace" concept. The experts from Colliers Building Consultancy Services department and Zbigniew Kostrzewa’s In Design architectural studio worked on the project. New chairs were supplied by Arc Interiors.

178 working places have been arranged on an area of 1550 sqm. The additional 70 workplaces can be located in different parts of the office: in conference rooms, at additional tables and desks or in relaxation zones.

The new Colliers office has a spacious, modern reception with a café, a comfortable kitchen, five large conference rooms for meetings with clients, 14 thematic internal conference rooms and 7 internal so-called "telephone booths". The office is divided into several zones: clients’ zone, quiet work and team work zone. It also includes areas dedicated to relaxation: a room with a video game console, a library, a café and a mini garden. Colliers office is in the process of obtaining the LEED green certificate.

Building works lasted for 3 months, but the whole process took 1.5 years.

– Plenty of time was spent on conceptual works. Prior to designing work we had conducted a study, that showed how we use our office space. Communication between our employees was extremely important. We wanted to create a friendly and flexible workplace, that will adapt to the current needs of employees and clients visiting us ("flexible workplace"). We also wanted to improve communication within the company - hence we removed separate offices and created one common room for all company partners. Equally important was the arrangement of places where you can relax – says Monika Rajska-Wolińska, Managing Partner of Colliers International.

Mobility was another important issue. Currently, Colliers employees can work in different parts of the office. They can create task teams, depending on their needs. This meant  change in technological areas. The modern Wi-Fi system enables remote access to corporate data from outside the office. In addition, an internal program of booking meeting rooms was created.

– The increasing number of customers are asking us about the latest trends in office designing. In order to advise better, we had to experience the process of change on ourselves. Today, we are richer in very practical knowledge that we can use when working with our clients - says Monika Rajska-Wolińska.