The results of this study are organized by green/sustainable building characteristics, their costs and advantages, market challenges, perceptions around certification, market trends, sustainable development, workplace health and productivity  and perceptions specific to developers and investors.

This study shows that the understanding around the value of green buildings is improving but we still have a long way to. While participants attribute reduced long term operational and maintenance costs as a benefit, they were not able to make a strong link between green buildings and workplace health and productivity.

The study also explores the perceptions of developers around design and construction costs, whether investors link green buildings with risk management, as well as the willingness of tenants to pay more for green buildings.

The online survey that was conducted in this study, its analysis and the resulting report make up phase one of the planned research. The second phase will collect real building data, which has to date only been available internally, and explore the real business case for building green in Poland. This research will take place throughout 2014.

This research was initiated by Buro Happold as part of the Construction Marketing Group initiative. The project was inspired by the global “Business Case for Green Building” report published by the World Green Building Council.

The report can be accessed here: