Land Development

We provide development advice based on market knowledge and 'real-life' development experience to add value to our client's development projects

We provide real estate development advisory services to private and public sector clients.

We add value by managing complex Luxembourg Development procedures (‘PAP’ procedures), solve property development related problems and aid decision making through research, expertise and analysis.

In Luxembourg, a Development project is really complex as all administrations involved have to agree on the project while no one has any leadership on the other.

Our projects include Residential, Mixed-use and Office development projects.

Development Advisory Services

  • Development feasibility studies, Development business case and Financial analysis of development projects;
  • Professional Services RFPs (‘Request for Proposals’): Urban Architect, Surveyor, Infrastructure Engineer, Ecologist, Structural Engineer, M&E Engineer;
  • PAP Preparation and Administrative procedures management;
  • PAP modification management;
  • Meeting with the different administrations involved : Cities (Technical Service, Board of Deputy Mayors), Water Administration (‘AGE’), Roads Administration (‘Ponts et Chaussées’), Mobility Administration (‘Verkéiersverbond’), Interior Ministry (‘Cellule d’évaluation’ / ‘Plateforme de concertation’ / ‘PAP’), Environmental Ministry, Housing Administration (‘Fonds du Logement’), Archeological Research Center (‘CNRA’);
  • PAP Execution management : Infrastructure works management & Cities agreement (‘Convention’) negotiation;
  • Development advice;
  • Development management;
  • Scheme design advice;
  • Market reports;
  • Negotiation of development agreements.


Development Agency Services

  • Development acquisition advice;
  • Marketing and disposal of sites;
  • Joint Venture partner selection;
  • Public sector procurement.

Why Choose Us?

Colliers Luxembourg has managed complex development projects (‘PAP’) in all the Country and has a deep knowledge of the Cities development laws (‘Lois sur l’aménagement communal et le développement urbain’):

  • Loi du 12 juin 1937 concernant l’aménagement des villes et autres agglomérations importantes;
  • Loi du 19 juillet 2004 concernant l’aménagement communal et le développement urbain;
  • Modifiée par la loi du 19 juillet 2005 (intégration de mesures transitoires) modifiée par la loi du 22 octobre 2008 (pacte logement);
  • Modifiée par la loi du 19 décembre 2008 (protection de la nature & loi relative à l’eau) modifiée par la loi du 28 juillet 2011 (révision des coefficients et régimes PAP NQ et QE) modifiée par la loi du 30 juillet 2013 (adaptation loi aménagement du territoire);
  • Modifiée par la loi « dite Omnibus » du 8 février 2017 (simplification administrative).


We advise our clients on schemes of all property types, including residential, commercial (Office, Retail, Industrial & Logistics, Hotel) and leisure.

We combine the expert market knowledge of our market leading agency teams and in-house planning consultants with our own knowledge and experience of development, construction and scheme delivery to provide collaborative and coordinated development advice.


Our Clients

  • Private land owners;
  • Capital firms / Banks / Funds;
  • Developers and house builders;
  • Local authorities;
  • Public sector bodies.