Property Management

We place your interests first, from the way we structure our reporting to the way our service center is organized to provide you with immediate problem-solving and big picture data.

Our relationship with your property begins with an assessment of the building’s key performance indicators (KPIs). We work with you to determine vital performance areas, establishing internal quality thresholds and identifying and correcting deficiencies before they cause problems.

We maximize your assets’ value through efficiency and genuine care for your goals. We’ll coordinate with vendors and support communications with your tenants. We also collect and analyse information about common tenant service requests to advise you about long‐term repair solutions that can support your return on investment.

Our Property Management teams are able to provide the following services:

  • Tenant relationship management;
  • In‐use Green certification;
  • Legal Inspection controls and Compliance management;
  • Building operations and maintenance;
  • Facility Management, Amenities & Hospitality services;
  • Energy management;
  • Property accounting and reporting;
  • Lease management;
  • Revenue collection;
  • Building design review.