Corporate Development Executive - EMEA

London, UK Q. What kind of person succeeds in your role at Colliers International?
A. My job as a Corporate Development Executive is all about building a successful platform through M&A, corporate restructuring, ambitious but realistic business plans or strategic partnerships. This kind of variety of tasks requires a person who can multitask and has a good knowledge of finance, strategy and has people skills.

Q. How would you describe the culture at Colliers International?
A. Colliers International’s culture is very open and collaborative. It is amazing that you can call someone in a different part of the world and get a quick, thorough response to your questions even without knowing that person.

Q. What do you do when you're not working?
A. I try to keep fit with rowing and tennis and broaden my horizon through travelling to far-away places. Skiing on Antarctica is definitely on my list…