The Survey reveals that Newly opened spas achieved the highest premium rate. Compared to the established spas (average size of 1,130 sqm.), newly opened spas are larger (2,480 sqm.) and offer a greater verity of spa facilities.

On the other hand, Dubai Beach & Desert Resort spas experienced a slight decline in performance compared to the same period last year, which is due to more days of Ramadan in H1 2016 than in H1 2015. As a result, resort spas witnessed a drop in the volume of in-house guests. City hotels, on the other hand, experienced an increase in revenue indicators, with a Y-o-Y growth in average treatment rate of 9%. The results suggest that city hotels are less susceptible to lower periods of demand in the hotel, due to their higher share of walk-in guests.

The research also reveals that Desert and Resort Spas continue to generate the highest RevPATH as these reports benefit from a steady demand from in-house guests as well as walk-in guests accessing the Hotel’s recreational facilities.