Defining the market value of a property is the first step of every investment, management or sale decision. Therefore Colliers International Ukraine attaches great importance to our valuation and advisory services and believes that they should always be carried out to the highest possible standards.

Our knowledge is supported by years of experience and various analytical methods, which help our Clients in the decision-making process identifying opportunities and threats and possible scenarios resulting from the changing market conditions.

We carry out the valuation process in a way that its outcome is understandable for the Client both in terms of the content of the valuation report and the estimated value of the property. We pay a lot of attention to preparation of any Valuation Report because we realise that our accuracy reduces Clients’ risk of investing in real estate. Our valuation experts apply the internationally accepted valuation standards of the RICS and Ukrainian standards. Valuations are undertaken most often for accounts, tax, financing or acquisition and sales purposes.

Our database comprises the most current information on the real estate market in Ukraine, and our close cooperation with Colliers International’s agency departments (Retail and Office) allows for a better understanding of the individual needs of our Clients.

• Valuation of property portfolios and individual properties
• Feasibility studies
• Location analysis
• Competition analysis
• Highest & best use analysis
• Market research
• Business plan development
• Critical Appraisal and Concept Optimisation
• Concept Development (Retail projects)
• Hotel projects analysis