Reliable shelter and general safety are two of the most basic and essential human needs. As part of a global company focused on real estate, Colliers International (Ukraine) has the know-how and resources that have allowed us to organize the Charity Program "Help Forced Settlers in Ukraine!". This program is designed to help people who have had to abandon their homes, making terrifying journeys to escape violence and death. 

The program is focused on assisting people who have moved from the south-east, leaving their homes, all of their worldly goods, their livelihood, and who now live in Kiev without permanent or even temporary employment, resulting in their inability to pay rent and house their families. 

Colliers International (Ukraine) is eager to provide assistance by collecting funds and securing rental housing in Kiev, providing the best “price-quality” ratio. 


We are highly qualified RE experts with deep and diverse knowledge, a broad view of the Ukrainian RE market, and excellent connections with major property owners. As a result, we are able to secure excellent lease terms for the apartments rented via this charity.


Time is of the essence! To that end, we started the program immediately, as of 1st May 2015

The program is estimated to run for one more year with an expectation to extend it for an additional year depending on the economic and political conditions in Ukraine.


  • All funds raised are channeled directly in securing rental housing for Ukrainian forced settlers in Kiev.
  • The help is personalized; accumulated funds support specific, pre-selected families, and photo reports are provided to the benefactors.
  • The selection process include collecting and interviewing forced settlers to assess each family’s level of need.
  • Every step of the process is transparent. We report periodically about our achievements, including the amount of funds collected and the number of families assisted, etc.

“Average rent prices for a budget studio apartment or 1-bedroom apartment in Kiev range from 150-200 euro per month, or 1,800-2,400 per year. By ‘budget’ we mean simple but safe accommodations in Kiev’s suburbs that meet families’ needs. To start the program, I personally donated 2,400 euro -  that was enough to rent an apartment for one family for twelve months. Of course, paying a year in advance provided us with excellent lease terms.  

We interviewed forced settlers to identify those families we assist now. We moved swiftly, to allow those selected to enjoy the Ukrainian May holidays in their new apartments! 

I hope I am not alone in my 2,400 euro donation, and that I’m joined by many others who donate what they can to provide safe housing for these forced settlers. I’m grateful to you for reading this and considering making a feasible donation, and I’d like to express my gratitude on behalf of the people of Ukraine for whom your support would make all the difference”. 

Alexander Nosachenko, Managing Director Colliers International (Ukraine)
Gulliver Business center 1-A Sportyvna sq. 01001 Kyiv Ukraine | Tel: +380 044 499 0000