Colliers International (Ukraine) is committed to helping those who are suffering by donating our time, energy and effort in meaningful and effective ways!


As part of our involvement in Colliers’ global community, Colliers International (Ukraine) is deeply committed to the communities in which we live and operate. For the last four years, armed conflict in the south-eastern Donetsk and Lugansk regions have caused unpredictable and dramatic political, economic and social challenges for the country.

Civilians are often the most vulnerable and negatively impacted people during armed conflicts, and the consequences for those living in Donetsk and Lugansk oblast have been catastrophic. Without electricity and water, no landline or mobile communication, and only the most rudimentary foodstuffs, the people in these areas are suffering greatly. 


  • Currently, 6.3 million people are living in active-conflict areas.
  • There are roughly 1.3 million internally forced settlers within Ukraine, including 158,000 children.

"For a long time, I’ve been thinking of ways I can personally give to those who need help. It’s been a struggle, as any ideas, actions and financial resources I alone would provide would be insignificant. A close friend recently encouraged me to organize a program to involve the help and resources of many individuals, allowing us to make a real impact and provide much-needed help to those suffering".Alexander Nosachenko, Managing Director Colliers International (Ukraine)
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