In the face of increasingly complex and onerous legislation, rising energy and resource costs, and mounting pressure from customers and stakeholders to improve environmental performance, companies need assistance in developing comprehensive sustainability strategies appropriate for their budget and goals.

Working hand-in-hand with each client, services are selected and tailored to meet their specific core requirements, with the solution managed by a single company, Colliers International.

Services we provide

Sustainability Solutions deliver a unique integrated ‘one stop’ Managed Programme to realise the benefits from the implementation of sustainability initiatives, which include:

  • Delivering cost efficiencies and financial savings through reductions in resource consumption
  • Improving environmental and carbon credentials of built assets
  • Enhancing corporate reputation and contributing to CSR targets
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation


Our initial free consultation will focus on the environmental performance of the client’s portfolio and relevant legislative requirements. After an initial exploratory workshop to identify gaps in sustainability strategy, we would look to bring in initial low-cost services such as Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and Display Energy Certificate provision (DEC), CRC compliance, and portfolio analysis.

Following on from the initial consultation, we will craft a strategy to perform energy audits on poor performing assets where there may be abnormally high energy cost on a per square foot or per employee basis, out of date or non-existent EPCs. We would then look to prioritise building specific projects to enhance environmental performance, reduce resource cost and ensure compliance with legislation. We would also identify potential access to sources of finance which would further facilitate the implementation of sustainability initiatives.

Our practical, hands-on support will help craft a sustainability strategy to prioritise initiatives by cost and impact, and all services can be procured, managed and delivered by our Sustainability Solutions team. Read about how we can help you.