As part of our UK National Capital Markets team, our experts in Debt Advisory provide lending solutions through a single point of contact, removing time and cost pressures.

Structuring optimal lending in changing markets is where we truly add value. We are lender-impartial and free from bias or incentives. We approach only the most suitable providers and leverage our credit expertise into client savings. By representing the borrower, we equip our clients to make the best-informed lending decisions. Through expertise and relationships, we are trusted by our clients and lenders to bring perspective and experience to the presentation and structuring of credit.

Why Choose Colliers International for Debt Advisory?

We are part of a National Capital markets team advising on acquisitions and disposals, real estate investment, development and finance requirements across the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands.

  1. We ensure optimal terms with maximum confidence. Working impartially with lenders who best match each client’s circumstances.
  2. Understanding risk appetite is paramount. From high street banks to pension funds, specialist and peer-to-peer lenders, we track market information and lender policies
  3. Positioning lending requires skill. Engaging us entirely delegates sourcing of lenders, presenting the borrowing and monitoring through to completion.
  4. We strategically improve debt terms, optimising investor yield for real estate managers, developers, funds and family offices.
  5. Our analysis, modelling and negotiation of all aspects of finance is what optimises each transaction.
  6. 200+ lending relationships in the UK means full market visibility, reaching a network of lending providers outside of the mainstream scope.
  7. Whether the priority is improving the debt margin, gearing, amortisation or credit terms, we provide financing options tailored to your transaction.
  8. We work closely with in-house teams to strategically analyse debt maturity, capital allocation and funding structures, considering each transaction uniquely.
  9. Our knowledge complements the banking relationships you already have, credit options are reported comprehensively, so that informed decisions can be made.
  10. We manage the draw down process from conception through to completion.
  11. Colliers is a top tier global real estate advisor and investment management company operating in 69 countries with a workforce of more than 15,000 professionals.

For more information please visit our Real Estate Debt Advisory website.