Hospitality Asset Management

Through benchmarking against the market we ensure optimum performance from operators, accurate presentation of results and the agreement of realistic forecasts. Our unique view of the sector allows us to identify potential issues early and advise on corrective procedures in a timely fashion, reducing any negative impact upon returns. Our services can be categorised in two ways, Macro Advice and Micro Management.

Refurbishment and development capex programmes are a key feature of optimising hotel values. The asset management team are extremely experienced in scoping, negotiating and implementing capex programmes to provide enhanced performance.

Micro Management

Micro Management takes a close look at the day-to-day operations of the business, analysing budgets, cash flows, forecasting, sales and marketing and performance to ensure that the property is being managed efficiently. The relationships that we have built with the world’s leading hotel operators provide us with the insight and detailed understanding of their operations to ensure that revenues are maximised, and that the optimum level of return is achieved.

Macro Advice

Macro Advice examines the long term positioning and development of a property and includes development, re-positioning, space allocation, extensions and alternative uses. We approach the investment from every direction, evaluating all the opportunities and advising on how to capitalise on them. Macro Advice helps ensure that our clients’ properties are suited to current and future hospitality trends, whilst generating an optimum level of return for the future.

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