• This is an example in Liverpool of a project that started with an options analysis and moved from there to delivery of an excellent result. It demonstrates how delivering a quality product can deliver exceptional results, even in the most demanding of circumstances.
  • The challenge was to find a viable, sustainable use for the derelict Gldstone Conservatory, a prominent feature of Stanley Park


  • The involvement of the Destination Consulting team of Colliers International (formerly known as Locum Consulting) started when we prepared a destination strategy for the whole Park with a focus on regeneration of the area and its potential as a year round visitor destination .
  • We were then commissioned to develop the concept and outline business plan for the conservatory, detailing potential uses, design requirements, revenue streams and assessment of the market, and the role of the Conservatory within the context of the wider destination.
  • The work served as the foundation of an Objective 1 funding application.


  • The central idea was the idea of theming it with the work of William Gladstone’s great-granddaughter, Isla, who was a fine artist. This gives the building real character and identity.
  • The Destination Consulting team suggested to build a lower floor building to house a bistro, kitchens and toilets. This allowed the conservatory space to be used without impediment and for the bistro to operate while there is a function going on in the Conservatory.
  • In 2007-2009 the Conservatory iwas restored at a cost of about £5 million, part of a wider £14 million restoration of the whole Park.
  • The Conservatory is now operating successfully, under licence to Liverpool City Council, as a functions venue for 300-400 people and the Bistro restaurant can seat 120.
  • It has been a success, used by all sections of the community both on a day to day basis and for events and cultural activities of all sorts. It demonstrates that quality counts, even in the most economically difficult circumstances.