Stuttgart, a charming metropolis located in south-western Germany, boasts both historical and contemporary architecture and is home to a vibrant art and cultural scene, international sporting events, major festivals and markets as well as other recreational offers. Stuttgart has more than 590,000 residents living in 23 districts. 4.6 million people live in the Stuttgart metropolitan area and the numbers are growing.

Located in the middle of Europe, Stuttgart is the center of one of Europe's strongest economic regions and is the most innovative high-tech location in Europe. Current surveys have dubbed it the region with the best future prospects. The capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg also offers extensive recreational activities and is known for its lively cultural scene and top-of-the-line, international sporting events. Stuttgart is the heart of a metropolitan region with an exceptionally high standard of living and where investment and employment pay off.

Strong thanks to diversity
Stuttgart's strengths as a business location come from the variety of its business structure. Business in Stuttgart is characterized by a mix of global players such as Daimler and Porsche, booming SMEs including many global market leaders, a highly-qualified workforce and one of the leading research and development landscapes. Companies from all industries and branches operate in Stuttgart. Each individual branch supports Stuttgart as a business location and contributes to its prosperity. There is a reason why various location and city rankings conducted by different institutes consistently rank Stuttgart among the top cities surveyed. Stuttgart has the highest export quota of any German city, over 20% of the workforce is highly skilled and the city's residents have above-average purchasing power.