Our dedicated professional research team in St. Petersburg possesses significant depth in its expertise, which enables it to provide in-depth market analysis, both in the commercial and elite residential real estate sectors. Colliers International's database covers over ten years of development of the St. Petersburg real estate market and includes market statistics for commercial real estate, including historical supply and demand, as well as rental rate dynamics.

Close cooperation with Colliers International’s research departments across 37 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa allows for the integration of the most up-to-date information when preparing local research and analysis reports, as well as tracing of the latest European trends and putting them in the context of St. Petersburg’s real estate development.

The research department regularly publishes analytical reports on the real estate market in St. Petersburg, providing a commentary on the market’s latest trends, helping to educate on the development dynamics of each sector analysed and putting these into perspective. In addition, the research published enables observers to understand those projects, which are of most interest to investors and developers.  Our analytical output enables all interested parties to gauge market prospects and to choose the correct strategy for the development of their businesses.

Our services:

  • Research of the office, retail, warehouse and hotel sectors.

  • Market research on the elite residential real estate market, including the analysis of supply and demand dynamics, as well as prices in the areas of elite residential construction in St. Petersburg.

  • Analysis of the economic situation and the investment market in St. Petersburg.

  • A unique, customer-oriented research product outlining the dynamics of St. Petersburg’s development of business areas, competitive environment analysis of the city and its business areas for different sectors, analysis of retailer presence, etc.