The Industrial and Logistics Services Department has substantial experience in the implementation of industrial projects aimed at setting up localized production facilities for international companies in Russia. Over the years we have led more than 10 transactions of this type which together totaled approximately 170,000 sqm of industrial space, more than any other major consulting firms operating in Russia.

For companies that are planning to develop their production facilities in Russia, we are ready to help select the best solutions, whether it be setting up production at an existing industrial park or technopark, the selection of sites for a build-to-to projects or the adaptation of standard industrial facilities to match to the companies’ specific needs. Our spectrum of services also includes the audit of facilities, ongoing consultation support throughout all stages of project development and client representation in negotiations.

In choosing a strategy for an international company’s launch of production domestically within Russia, we can help identify the optimal Russian region for situating production facilities through financial analysis of possible lease or purchase options in various regions, cost of labor comparisons, possible tax breaks and discounts provided by local governments, etc.  

For owners of industrial parks, we offer consulting services for project concept development, outreach to and engagement of potential tenants, as well as marketing and PR support.