St. Petersburg, September 11, 2013. The total area of the zoo will amount to 2,600 sq. m. The project has been developed especially for the shopping and entertainment centre. Investments are estimated at $2-2.5 million. A unique exhibition area of about 2,000 sq. m. will attract 2.5-3 million people a year and significantly increase the number of visitors to the shopping centre. The zoo can receive up to 1,000 people an hour given an average visit time of 40 minutes. The ticket price will total around $15.

Exotic animals will be showcased on two levels. Pygmy hippopotamus, tapir, crocodiles, aardvark and mangabey are just a few of the new inhabitants of RIO Shopping and Entertainment Centre. The Night World hall allows visitors to observe nocturnal birds, reptiles and mammals. The project benefits from the highest possible participation effect, attained through the use of unique technological solutions and an artificial relief. Visitors will have an opportunity to take part in feeding the animals within their habitat. A considerable part of the exhibition will be taken up by an aviary for monkeys, birds, reptiles, amphibians and small mammals. Glass cases will provide an opportunity to observe exotic cats such as the leopard, serval, ocelot and puma from different angles, in immediate proximity to them. Special effects such as fog, waterfalls, rain, sounds, etc. will dazzle visitors.

The RIO Shopping and Entertainment Centre, opened in 2012, is located in the Frunzenskiy district of St. Petersburg. The gross building area amounts to 63,000 sq. m., and the gross leasable area is 45,000 sq. m. More than 90% of the shopping centre spaces are currently occupied by local and international retailers.  TASHIR company is the developer of the project, and Colliers International is the consultant. The shopping and entertainment centre is located in close proximity to Bukharestskaya metro station. More than 700,000 people live within a 15-minute drive distance. An extensive public transport network of 17 routes passes near the shopping centre. The anchor tenants are O'KEY grocery hypermarket, H&M, Reserved, Detskiy Mir kids` goods department store, Snow Queen, L'Etoile, Mothercare, Gloria Jeans, Nash Dom DIY hypermarket, KEY, Eldorado, etc. 

Anna Nikandrova, Director of Retail Department at Colliers International in St. Petersburg:

"The role of entertainment component in retail projects can hardly be overestimated today. An exotic animals park will become a part of a shopping centre for the first time, and we expect this unique project in the St. Petersburg market to attract visitors from all over the city to RIO. RIO offers a wide range of shops today, and many visitors, who come to the exotic animals park, will get acquainted with the shopping centre and become regular customers. The zoo will turn RIO SEC into one of the most vibrant shopping and entertainment centres of St. Petersburg".

Ike Ignatyan, Vice President of the Tashir Group of Companies:

"We have developed a project of exotic animals park so that it is attractive for an audience of all ages. The flexibility of the format is one of its key features. Toddlers and preschoolers will be interested in watching the animals, while older children will be provided with a variety of educational programs and interactive tours. Everyone, including adults, will enjoy the atmosphere of our zoo as we aim to re-create an almost natural environment for the animals. There is no doubt that the project will create great demand and have social value".