St. Petersburg, July 30, 2012.  Intexo, one of the leading construction and decoration materials suppliers in the North-West region, leased 3 600 sq. m. of A class warehouse space and 1 000 sq. m. of outdoor space in the Ahlers Logistic Center situated in Gorelovo industrial zone in the Leningrad region.

The Intexo company is a part of the Finnish Puukeskus Oy enterprise, the largest Scandinavian saw timber supplier, and is an authorized dealer of the most popular on the construction market brands such as KNAUF, Plitonit, Kreps, Isover, Tikkurila etc. Active development of Intexo and its substantial business growth revealed a necessity of setting a modern distribution center up, which meets the increasing quality, reliability and goods processing speed requirements.

Ahlers Logistic Center is a warehouse terminal that is owned by the Belgian Ahlers Group logistics operator and consists of three buildings with 44,000 sq. m. total area. «Ahlers» is one the five largest logistics operators in the North-West region; the company provides responsible storage of goods on their own A class warehouse space.

The logistics terminal is designed for the goods accommodation not only in the modern warehouse buildings, but also on the outdoor asphalt-paved area used for the large-sized and bulk cargo processing. The unusual topography of the land parcel with a height difference allowed the landlord to build a warehouse with the possible synchronous processing of both large-tonnage and small-tonnage transport from the opposite loading fronts. This fact enables «Intexo» to increase the goods processing speed significantly and to reduce the service time. The company plans to expand the scope of its activities by opening in the future a similar distribution and logistics center in the north of the city.

Aleksey Maltsev, logistics associate director of Intexo:

«We have had high demands for a new warehouse complex, therefore a facility search and negotiations with the landlord have taken a long time. The Colliers International consultants have made ​​a major contribution to solution of the both problems by choosing a suitable object within the defined budget. Our company is planning further development in the North West region and we hope that Colliers International will act as our strategic partner in our new logistics ground selection».

Venera Lauhina, warehouse & industrial property director of Colliers International St. Petersburg:

«The «Intexo» company project enables the various commodity groups storing in one location within the city borders or near the Saint-Petersburg Ring Road interchanges. Noteworthy, the market shows a low supply level of suitable modern grounds today. «Ahlers» сompany is one of the few lessors providing such a placement».

About the companies:


Warehouse network of construction packaging arrangement, is a part of the Finnish Puukeskus Oy enterprise that is the largest Scandinavian saw timber supplier. «Intexo» is one of the three construction and decoration materials realization leaders on the St. Petersburg market.


International logistics, marine and shipping services supplier. Provides international freight forwarding, customs clearance and goods transportation to the final recipient services.