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Brokerage Sales & Leasing

A commercial real estate lease or sale is often a landmark event for a company – representing a new office, new facility, or new opportunity to generate business. We don’t approach these landmarks simply as transactions; we see them as opportunities to further advance our clients’ overall business goals, whether it’s their first time dealing with a property asset or the management of a large portfolio.

Tenant Representation

  • Guide stakeholders through the selection process;
  • Provide in-depth analysis of market conditions and trends to ensure the best possible choice is made;
  • Identify potential hurdles and top tenant mistakes to keep your relocation or renewal process on target with minimal disruption to your business and productivity.


  • Experts in valuation, property management and project management to ensure your building is optimally positioned for sale;
  • Professional advice throughout the negotiating process to swiftly close at your optimal price.

Value-added Services

In addition to the comprehensive services we provide to our office, industrial and logistics, and retail and hospitality clients, we also offer customised solutions for a wide range of niche industries.

We recognise that exceptional results require more than just transactional expertise. That’s why we’ve built an integrated platform of complementary services to achieve your goals. Our teams take into consideration your complete spectrum of requirements and connect you with strong, accountable specialists who can maximise the value of your property assets.

South Africa
108 Albertyn Avenue Cnr Katherine Street Wierda Valley Sandton 2146 South Africa | Tel: +27 11 783 2111