Green Building Advisory Business Rates

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Twin City Tower
Mlynské nivy 10
821 09 Bratislava

Tel: +421 2 59 980 980

Whether your objective is a comprehensive green building certification or implementation of sustainable features and strategies, we are here to help you achieve this in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

Our goal is to assist developers, building owners and management teams to design, construct and operate their buildings in a sustainable manner today and into the future. We aim to help clients to realise significant operational savings, attract high quality tenants, achieve maximum rents and generate highest selling prices, while also benefiting our environment. Whether your objective is to achieve a comprehensive green building certification or just incorporate sustainable strategies and features, our experts are here to provide you with a solution.


We can help you make decisions with confidence, using our wealth of market knowledge to help you achieve your goals. Our in-depth market knowledge can tell you where the market is going – not just where it has been.

Our reports and studies will provide you with a clear snapshot of the overall market conditions and related industries that impact on green building to help you identify opportunities and strategies. Whether your objectives are understanding the big or gaining clarity on your specific project, our detailed reports will help you make educated and informed decisions to maximize your investment potential.

Our professionals are experts in sustainable design, construction and operations. However, what really distinguishes our service offerings is our experience realising bottom line results.


  • Provide comprehensive evaluation and consideration of the leading green building rating systems- BREEAM, LEED and DGNB
  • Assess preliminary green building certification level, targets and credits possible
  • Develop comprehensive analysis of potential credits and related opportunities, challenges and cost to achieve green certification
  • Lead project team in an Eco Charrette to determine and prioritize sustainability goals and objectives
  • Create a sustainable budget and development schedule
  • Provide a comprehensive lifecycle assessment strategy for the project
  • Evaluate opportunities to reduce energy, water and waste consumption to reduce operating expenses
  • Execute green certification strategy and oversee sustainability initiatives and documentation of project team
  • Manage certification documentation and submittal process
  • Benchmark energy usage and develop a comprehensive analysis for energy management
Twin City Tower, Mlynske Nivy 10, 821 09 Bratislava | Tel: +421 259980980