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In undertaking our research we are committed to providing you with a complete and thorough understanding of the regional investment market by regularly updating you with sophisticated and comprehensive research reports on capital market movements, trends, sectoral analysis, asset allocation and forecasts.


‘If I Were a Rich Man' Diversifying into CEE

In our latest report, ‘If I were a Rich Man’ we take a look at the kind of returns an investor could have received in 2014, if they had invested €250 million into the main markets of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in 2009.

‘Low-flation’: The Impact on CEE Commercial Real Estate

In this new report, 'Low-flation': The Impact on CEE Commercial Reeal Estate, we review how this new inflationary era will affect commercial real estate returns in the office markets of the more mature Central European countries: Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia - the CE4.

Institutional Investor Report

In this report we analyse a range of market trends and regulatory factors influencing global property to consider
the outlook for the European investment market in 2014 and beyond.

Closing the Gap: Tier 1 & 2 Markets

This short report focuses primarily on question two, in order to determine whether the main Tier 2 investment markets of CEE – namely Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria - are in a position to provide a well priced competitive offer, helping to attract more capital into these markets and increase overall deal volumes and deal flow across the region.

Mind the Gap: Bonds, Yields & Returns

Colliers International’s research paper Mind The Gap looks at the implications of the movements in ‘safe-haven’ government bond yields on the commercial property investment market and the sustainability of the superior yields and returns possible in commercial real estate over sovereign bonds in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).


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