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Explore Colliers REview to learn more about real estate and the property market. Both our guest and in-house bloggers are industry experts with many years of experience, and have come together to share their perspective and thought pieces on various issues relating to the real estate industry, as well as topics that are of general interest to end users and information seekers.

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Property management and why you need it

Most things, if left unattended to and uncared for fall into disrepair. The same goes for real estate as well, be it commercial or residential properties. Buildings that are poorly maintained are not only an eyesore in the urban landscape, but they are also dangerous to their inhabitants. Investors will also be aware that deteriorating conditions will affect rentability and impact the value of the property negatively.

Is your office environment draining your will to work?

Sick and tired of the daily grind? Chances are the office environment may have something to do with it. Most people would feel slightly ill if they are cooped up hours on end – day after day - in drab and enclosed work spaces, with poor air quality and harsh fluorescent lighting.

Expert Spotlight Series

Jonathan Denis-Jacob has been in the real estate and urban development industry since 2008 and has since worked in different capacities in the public, private and institutional sectors. Before relocating to Singapore in early 2017,  Jonathan was a downtown planner at the City of Vancouver, Canada.

China’s new Silk Road can rev up Singapore real estate sector

China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) - an attempt to recreate the historic Silk Road trading routes – has been promised to shape global economic market and geopolitical landscape. The much-discussed BRI, a showpiece project of Chinese President Xi Jinping, aims to connect about 80 countries across three continents to China.

The big move: Managing an office relocation

Managing an office move can be time consuming and stressful, particularly if it does not form part of your main job scope. the role of office move organiser can be extremely daunting. Where do you start?

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