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Explore Colliers REview to learn more about real estate and the property market. Both our guest and in-house bloggers are industry experts with many years of experience, and have come together to share their perspective and thought pieces on various issues relating to the real estate industry, as well as topics that are of general interest to end users and information seekers.

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Plan B: Hitting the sweet spot in response to curbs

In a surprise move, the government announced fresh cooling measures on the evening of July 5 just as the Singapore property market was finding a firmer footing. Developers, who are no strangers to policy changes, could adopt various strategies to navigate the new paradigm.

10 leasing tips every occupier needs to know

Getting a commercial lease tied down is a serious business. As real estate cost usually accounts for a substantial chunk of an organisation’s operational expenses – second-largest expenditure after payroll - the signing of a new lease really should not be left to chance.

Building for the future

Buildings of the future must be designed and customised with the needs of end-users in mind, taking into consideration the environment, health and wellness, as well as social equity.

Singapore property market: What a difference a year makes

There was never a dull moment in Singapore’s residential real estate sector in the past 12 months. A year ago, the property market was on the cusp of recovery, developers snapped up land to replenish their landbanks and the collective sale market flourished. One year on, the picture has turned a shade darker as greater uncertainty looms for real estate developers.

Expert Spotlight: Dominic Peters, Senior Director, Industrial Services

Dominic has been in the real estate industry field for 28 years, focusing largely on development consultancy and the marketing of industrial facilities in Singapore. In his career, Dominic has been involved in several notable deals, and he hopes to tap his deep experience and wide network to grow Colliers' industrial services business and footprint in Singapore.

A roll of the dice for Japan

Japan appears to have played its long-awaited trump card in the passing of the Integrated Resort (IR) Implementation Act on 20 July.  The move will pave the way for Japan to the set up a domestic casino gaming industry, and this has already stirred great excitement among many casino operators who are eyeing a slice of this appetizing pie.

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