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Explore Colliers REview to learn more about real estate and the property market. Both our guest and in-house bloggers are industry experts with many years of experience, and have come together to share their perspective and thought pieces on various issues relating to the real estate industry, as well as topics that are of general interest to end users and information seekers.

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Expert Spotlight: Ng Lay Hoon, Asia Talent Acquisition Leader

Lay Hoon firmly believes that finding and hiring the right talent is a critical part of any organisation’s business plan. People are a company’s biggest asset and having talented individuals on board will greatly contribute to the company’s future success.

Strategies to thrive in an uncertain property market

Spacing out new launches will continue to be important this year, particularly with more developments in the launch pipeline. Find out what are some strategies developers could adopt to stand out and achieve a win-win outcome in this environment.

Contribution article: Disruption, the new normal

David Wong, CEO of BOOQED, lists five commercial real estate trends that will drive change in 2019 and beyond. BOOQED is a Hong Kong-based start-up that provides an online-based marketplace for unique and flexible spaces.

Build a living laboratory: A fresh approach to residential development

Digital technology and new innovations have vastly changed the way we commute, live, work and interact with each other. It is imperative that we develop residential projects which will evolve with the times, and perhaps play a leading role in redefining modern living in the years and decades to come. 

Does coworking work for you?

As businesses seek alternative solutions to augment traditional office space, they have started to look at flexible workspace centres in earnest. However, before occupiers plunge headlong into coworking spaces, they should assess if the flexible office option suits their business and operational requirements.

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