Brenda Ong

Director, Industrial Services

Q. What drew you to Colliers International initially?
A. Colliers International is an international firm. I was recommended by a classmate who worked in Colliers International Property division then. She knew the Industrial division was expanding. She sang praises for the division head of being a good boss and someone who will not hesitate to guide and teach his subordinates.

Q. Three words to describe the culture at Colliers International?
A. Transparent system, friendly colleagues and approachable management

Q. Describe your typical day at Colliers International.
A. Planning for the day in the morning, meeting and/or viewings, communication with colleagues, organizing of work processes with colleagues, client engagement via calls or catch up over lunch or drinks.

Q. What do you do when you're not working?
A. All my attention will be on my family other than my work, occasionally catching up with friends and peers, colleagues bonding outside work hours as well as my own personal time to spa and facial.