Global law firm McGuire Woods LLP, engaged Colliers International to help them find larger more efficient offices in the heart of the City of London and negotiate terms to maximise on a weak office market.

Due to the extensive office market expertise of Colliers’ professionals in the City of London, we were able to direct McGuire Woods towards the deals we knew were the best value in the market. We took the financial stress levels of the lessors into consideration as much as the physical property requirements based on McGuire Woods’ requirements. The team also advised on the rates liabilities and exit strategies from the client’s original office.

In only nine months we were able to find McGuire Woods a new office with an extensive rent free period and lower pro-rate rent. Part of the rent free period was converted into transaction cost payments which allowed us to offer a generous rate of return to our US colleagues.

We also worked in tandem with our Chicago office and McGuire Woods US and UK Partners to facilitate an understanding of US corporate processes and cash flow reporting as well as providing best in class City of London advisory and negotiating skills.

“Transatlantic coordination blended with local negotiation skills and expertise delivered an exquisite deal for us and we are happy to recommend Colliers International to others” Peter Covington McGuire Woods.