Knowledge is a critical part of the service we offer our clients and research is a key component of this knowledge. Our research teams work in partnership with our service professionals to provide clients with the market intelligence required to support practical business decisions and provide multi-level support across all property types, ranging from data collection to comprehensive market analysis.

We believe research services must offer more than data and historical perspective. We use research to help our clients understand emerging trends and take advantage of the cyclical—and therefore, somewhat predictable—nature of real estate.

We help you harness this insight to make long-term decisions that affect your business and financial portfolio. That means connecting the dots between new construction starts, absorption and overall economic growth in a region. It also means guarding against trends that could squeeze your business out of the expansion space it needs to thrive, or trends that could thwart a redevelopment project before it’s delivered to market.

Our knowledge is supported by years of experience and various analytical methods, which help our clients in the decision-making process, identifying opportunities and threats and possible scenarios resulting from the changing market conditions. 


  • Market Research
  • Periodic Market Reports
  • Specialist Market Analysis in Co-operation with Local Authorities
  • Economic and Demographic Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Property Market Forecasts
  • Location Analysis
  • Competition Analysis