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Getting The Values Right

Our Valuation and Advisory Department prises excellency.

It is designed to deliver insight into a property's fundamentals, its competitors and the overall market dynamics affecting value, now and in the future. We believe that valuation can be a strategic asset for investors and owners, provided that reporting is clear, prompt and addresses the big picture. Our consultants share a commitment to delivering the highest level of service and the best experience possible. We go the extra mile to deliver for our clients, whether this means meeting a tight deadline or working with a complex and challenging property.

But, getting it right would be impossible if it wasn't for our people. We have the best Valuation Team in the country, where everybody shares experience and drive in each assignment. Our Team has, on average, over 10 years experience in this business, however, with an average consultant well below 40 years old. We mix expertise and youth! Furthermore, more than 50% of our consultants have a post-graduation education.

Our reports are neither too long, nor too short. We always try to match our clients requirements, whether for a longer and more substantial explanation of the valuation process, or in a more concise and accurate text approach of the estimates.

We follow the adequate regulations and directives required by our clients, whether they are the CMVM Regulations, Insurances, Banking or International, such as TEGoVA or RICS. But we think out of the box, too! We don't stay away from progress, because this is an evolving business, where new approaches may be tested and, even more so, in times where uncertainty rules. Notwithstanding, we don't believe in creative valuation!

Over the past 20 years, we have valued everywhere and every kind of property. We feel prepared to continue to do so! We have estimated market values above the hundreds of millions of euros, but we have estimated properties to be worthless.

Our ethics is beyond reproach.

In the end, we believe we accelerate the success of our clients when we get it right!

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Valuation Director

Head of Porto Office

We believe Colliers is a reference in what concerns the real estate market. We consider Colliers to be a solid partner in the search for the right locations and premises that we need in this growth stage.Mr. Pedro Pinto Coelho CEO, Standard Bank of Angola
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