The Automotive sector is a special one, with few similarities with other sectors.

Therefore, the approach to its properties requires a level of expertise and specialisation that Colliers International can provide. In fact, a car dealer shop has unique characteristics that make a comparison approach difficult: size, cluster location, finishing or complementary warehouses and offices.

Furthermore, car dealer locations, often cluster locations, where the most important car makers share a large area in not too central locations, have a unique market mechanism, turning an otherwise "unspecial" location into a place where all the car makers long to be.

Warehouses and offices are also quite important for car makers, not only for cost reduction purposes, but also for brand image and competitive edge imperatives.

Over the past year, Colliers International has continued its special work in the automotive business. Among our clients, we can count some of the most important car makers in the world, like Renault, Opel/GM, Peugeot or BMW. Colliers International has worked in different types of properties ranging from car dealers shops, warehouses or offices.

But Colliers International has also worked on some new car making plants.