The guests’ reviews for Lisbon hotels was quite positive, with 69% of positive responses. Location, cleanliness and services offered by hotels rank among the best in Europe.

Lisbon’s hotel market good performance is highlighted with the 58% growth in guests’ reviews, according to the most recent report in a joint study by Colliers International and Revinate.

Revinate/Colliers research is based on the analysis of 4.7 million reviews on more than 4,600 hotels across Europe.

The most popular destinations in Europe – UK and Germany for business travel and France and Spain for leisure – also received the most reviews: they make up 71 per cent of all reviews.

The amount of reviews does not seem to have an impact on the number of positive feedback: with only 55 per cent of positive reviews, France is the weakest performing country. However, Spain, another of the big four, outperforms the European market by receiving 68 per cent of positive reviews.