To achieve the most favourable return on investment, it is essential to act effectively and proactively. Colliers International specializes in providing property management and management of commercial real estate as required. We are active in commercial, technical and financial areas, with a strong focus on tenancy matters as well as the various technical and service aspects of your portfolio. 

We firmly believe it is working closely with you, our client, that enables us to develop and continue to refine our sophisticated performance analyses and reports. We offer our clients, tenants and suppliers high-quality communication and information through interactive systems. By means of analyses, we assess the suitability of previously developed operating strategies for future applications. 

In addition to management, Colliers provides other products and services, including the preparation of policy visions, visions on rent levels, marketing communication and promotion plans, second opinions, technical budgets and internal regulations. 

Our specialists not only look at functionality, architectural aspects and the quality of real estate, but also take note of how these aspects are perceived. This gives rise to an optimal alignment of the possible need for increasing sustainability with the experience of existing users, improving prospects for an extended warranty on rent flows and a meaningful connection with the users’ own approach to CSR.