Under due consideration of the market conditions Colliers International provides advice on the composition of your portfolio and assists you closely in buying and selling properties. We also provide professional support to optimise your investment returns. We do this by applying a directory and supervisory approach to the various parties on the market in managing properties at the financial, commercial and technical levels.

Proactive asset management allows us to secure and improve the net operating results, for example in the lease market, rent collection, energy management, etc. Aside from the market development, the operating results and the value of the property can also be improved by the right strategy regarding maintenance, renovation or redevelopment in order to provide real estate according to the changing market requirements.


Sound investment decisions based on knowledge and fact

Private and institutional investors make investment decisions based on assumptions, expectations and forecasts of returns and costs, in other words, even if professionally approached the investment decision is taken on the basis of uncertainties and emotions. Colliers International renders those uncertainties more transparent and therefore more accountable by providing you with substantiated forecasts of future returns and costs. This allows you, as a client, to make a sound investment decision at the time of investment.

You will also receive advice on diversification of risks of property investments, based in part on anticipating the best time to purchase or sell according to your individual investment, holding or selling strategy.