This sports and recreation project is unique for both the shopping centre and the city. Similar complex infrastructure can be found only in Europe and the U.S. This is the first project of its type in a shopping mall in Russia.

Plyazh features a large sport and recreation area. In the sport area, there are five volleyball courts and one football field, which can be transformed into three additional volleyball courts. All areas are covered with quartz dust-free antibacterial sand, providing for a comfortable game of beach volleyball. The floors are thermoregulated, which enables optimum sand temperature in winter and summer. The environment itself is  beach-like. 3D illuminations, furniture made of natural rattan, and constant circulation of fresh and warm air help create the illusion of eternal summer. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of all beach areas from the recreation area.

The centre has comfortable dressing rooms, and vending machines with soft drinks and light snacks will be installed.

In the future, a children's beach volleyball section is planned for the playgrounds of the Plyazh centre, and charity tournaments and children's festivals will be organised there.

Anna Nikandrova, partner, Colliers International Russia: “This is a very unusual and promising project for a shopping mall. In addition to its primary puropse – active recreation for mall visitors – it provides almost unlimited opportunities for various sports and charity projects for children and adults under the auspices of the Rio mall, such as the quarterly interregional beach volleyball tournament featuring teams from St. Petersburg and other cities, with famous athletes and show business stars in attendance.”

Marat Abrahamyan, CEO of Rio Mall, St. Petersburg: “I am sure that the Plyazh beach sport centre will become a landmark for the city, similar to the mall's other unusual projects. After all, it will operate year round. The precise thermoregulation enables a comfortable cool atmosphere in summer, retains heat in winter, and creates a comprehensive illusion of summer. In addition, I'm sure that such a high number of comfortable high-quality volleyball courts will draw many fans of the sport to the mall.”