Anna Nikandrova has more than 13 years of experience in commercial real estate. She joined the Colliers International team in 2004, and has since come a long way career-wise. Since 2013, she has managed the commercial real estate department, one of the largest divisions at Colliers International Russia, in the position of regional director, and she became a partner in the company in 2016. Prior to the current appointment, her sphere of competence included implementing all commercial real estate projects at Colliers International Russia.

Major and landmark brokerage projects implemented by Anna's team include VTB Arena Park (Moscow), Columbus (Moscow), Mozaika (Moscow), Riga Mall (Moscow), Rio (St. Petersburg) Zhemchuzhnaya Plaza (St. Petersburg), Stockmann Nevsky Centre (St. Petersburg), Europolis (St. Petersburg), London Mall (St. Petersburg), City Mall (St. Petersburg), Outlet Village Pulkovo (St. Petersburg) and Capitol (St. Petersburg), as well as numerous shopping malls and complexes in different regions of Russia – Murmansk Mall, Titan Arena (Arkhangelsk), Izumrudny Gorod (Tomsk), Lotos Plaza (Petrozavodsk), Silver Mall (Irkutsk) and others. Anna's range of professional tasks will expand with her supervision of the property management department, and in addition to brokerage services, it will cover all regions where Colliers International Russia is present in the property management sector.

Anna aims to expand the project portfolio as an immediate business goal in the new position. This includes active regional expansion, maintaining the quality of the rental pool, and a high standard of management at shopping malls managed by Colliers International.

“As market analysis for the last two to three years has shown, external property management has become a stable trend and it is continuing to gain momentum. Now we are seeing a trend to transition to external management even at properties where owners did not plan to do so a year ago. In addition, there is a parallel trend – outsourcing marketing management of commercial property. Those who did this a year or even six months ago are now reaping the rewards, such as the Moscow shopping mall Columbus, for which Colliers International provides just such management. We will expand both lines of business. The property management department at Colliers International Russia has assembled its most powerful and efficient working team to date. The huge base of expertise we have gained in the process of real estate brokerage will be of great assistance in the task at hand,” said Anna Nikandrova.