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January 2015

The latest market intelligence on the economy, investment, residential and occupier markets from Colliers International UK.

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property snapshot

The Year Ahead

UK Forecasts for 2015

We present our forecasts for the year ahead.

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colliers forecasts for 2015

Regional Revolution

Building the UK Powerhouses

Our report details a unique generational opportunity to develop the UK regional economies, not merely as counter-balances to London, but as equal partners.

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We Are Colliers International

Guided by our spirit of enterprise, we combine local flexibility with global reach to deliver the best client experience in the industry.


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    Latest property news, events & data for the commercial property market. Covering property investment, residential, commercial and much more...

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Our Services

Sectors & Services

The foundation of our service is the strength and depth of our specialists. Our clients can depend on our ability to draw on years of direct experience in the local market. Our professionals know their communities and the industry inside out.

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