Ireland is increasingly being studied by the international investor community, whether financial institutions, property companies, private funds, private equity groups, sovereign wealth funds and high net worth individuals. As a global top three property advisor and estate agency we can advise the international investor on opportunities in Dublin and across the country. Follow many years when Irish investors went overseas we are now expecting the next few years to see significant international interest in Irish real estate and property assets. Of course we continue to advise Irish investors looking for property investment opportunities in the UK, Europe or further afield.

Our Investment services 

  • Our strategic advise focuses on: sectors, locations, stock and market fundamentals
  • Property research and analysis to provide due diligence detail to support strategic advice. This will consider economics, social demographic, sector trends, infrastructure and overall destination performance that supports property asset performance.

Why invest in Dublin?

There are many reasons why property investment in Ireland is becoming increasingly attractive to international investors:

  • Value in the market
  • Small to large lot size investment opportunities 
  • Foreign Direct Investment flows remain strong
  • One of Europe’s fastest growing populations
  • Increasing product being brought to the market by receivers, Irish banks and the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA)
  • Relatively transparent and well understood legal system.