Economies and property markets move in cycles, the current downturn in Ireland is severe however an upturn will return. This means cities, towns, developers, banks, investors and property owners need to consider a strategy to position ready for the upturn. 

Colliers International in Dublin with its Development Solutions and Destination Consulting services has worked throughout Ireland and around the world on small and large development projects across the development lifecycle.

We work with our clients to provide, rigour and evidence, market research, vision and concept development, business planning, destination branding & marketing, masterplanning, development appraisal, market testing, valuation, development & investment prospects. The aim is to minimise risk and create the conditions for project investment success.

We typically work with clients in one of three situations:

  1. Clients with land or property assets and ask us to provide full development advice
  2. Clients with land or property assets have an idea of what is needed but need advocacy arguments to support their strategy
  3. Clients with land or property assets  that are distressed/problematic and need help. 

The Developments Solutions team in Ireland draw on the following experiences

  • Two semi state businesses on development strategies for large parts of their estate
  • A private sector developer/investor on initiatives (strategic positioning, development opportunities and destination brand) of a major Irish office park to help retain existing tenants and attract new ones
  • An Irish city on the regeneration and development potential of a cultural & heritage district
  • Bringing international best practice to the Irish market place from our Global Development Solutions hubs of Boston, London, Dubai and Hong Kong. The team are working on projects in: Russia, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Malaysia, China, Croatia, Spain, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Libya and Singapore.