Ireland's Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Enda Kenny, has had a busy week. Criss crossing Europe lobbying Angela Merkel, Francois Holland and the Troika to look favourably on Ireland's bailout terms. His week ended in style though when he was presented with the key messages of a major Colliers International study by our client, the executive team of Cork City Council. Colliers International have been leading a major study for Ireland's second city on how to reboot their Cork Docklands project and the wider city centre to show how Cork can contribute to the national recovery plan.

Cork Docklands, now presented as Cork City Harbour, is outside Dublin the largest urban area in Ireland where sustainable development, economic growth and jobs can be delivered. The previous plans for Cork City Harbour, reflected the Celtic Tiger years and relied on huge, complex and costly capital infrastructure to deliver over 2 million sqm of development, a quantum out of keeping with the scale of Cork - 400,000 people. The Colliers study adopts a pragmatic and realistic approach and seeks to unlock public sector land assets and reorientate development towards the adjacent city centre - its infrastructure, assets and services.

Roger Hobkinson of the Destination Consulting team based in Dublin says "It's been a great project to work on, an example of how early stage consulting and project planning advice can work for Colliers International. We have drawn a red line around a major site in Ireland's second city, we have a decent fee, potential for more, made great connections, plus the opportunity to cross sell a range of property services now and in the future. We've had CEO's of major Irish and international businessses such as Glanbia plc, PM Group, IBM and State Street Capital in our office, met a range ministerial advisors plus other influencers and decision makers and now the work is circulating around the top level of Irish Government."