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Office Tenant Representation

Having more than 20 years experience in Jakarta’s office building sector, office tenant/investor representation services have an in-depth market knowledge and broad clientele. We have broken down the process to assist and represent our clients with their office space requirement into 4 phases:

  • Needs and Determination
  • Information Gathering
  • Evaluation and
  • Negotiation

By doing this process, Colliers is able to achieve the best property solution for our clients either it’s for occupiers that want to renew their lease or to relocate to a new office building, and even for investors who’s searching for an office building to acquired. Colliers guide its clients through this process so that they are able to make a well-informed decision with their tenancy requirement.

Additionally, our market knowledge supported by our quarterly comprehensive market research leads our consultants to provide strategic property advice to our clients. Therefore at the end, our clients will make the right real estate decision that is in line with their company’s long-term goal. With our global strength, we are able to handle office space requirement regionally and globally.

Tenant Needs Analysis

Please submits information about your property needs - as well as your contact information - and we will contact you as soon as possible. Click here to submit your needs analysis and contact information.