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Office space management

By Jaswant Singh. Facilities managers are mainly concerned with concerns of managing the employees, facilities portfolio, and inventory management.

Facility optimization and analysis

By GS Tyagi. Similar to other industries, there is a digital transformation sweeping through facilities management (FM) as the Internet of Things (IoT) play a pivotal role in evolution of intelligent buildings.

Reshaping the future workplace

By Parvez Kazi. Innovation is playing a vital role in our workplaces. Technologies that are being used in buildings inside-out are changing how new occupiers are making their space decisions. 

Amended insolvency and bankruptcy code will benefit home buyers

By Amit Chawla. The Indian realty sector has witnessed exponential growth in the past two decades. However, the interest of the home buyers has witnessed a sharp decline due to the breach of trust on account of exponential delay in project delivery. 

Impact of changing workforce on facilities management

By GS Tyagi. Over the years, every organisation provides ample workspace to their employees considering the fact that most of them spend significant amount of time at the workplace. It’s not a surprise that workspaces are typically among the highest investments for an organisation.

Investors and developers flock to industrial real estate

By Shyam Arumugam. Industrial real estate encompasses manufacturing and warehousing infrastructure. This asset class over the past couple of years is garnering attention like never before from investors and developers alike. 

Dedicated facilities management services can increase business efficiencies

By Jaswant Singh. In any organization, irrespective of the business framework, efficient facilities management (FM) is crucial vertical in managing capitals, support functions and work environment. Although, FM offers an extensive range of services depending upon the requirements of the organization, and in turn, augments business growth.

Budgeting: Cost control vs quality maintenance

By Jayita De. In today’s dynamic environment, working with minuscule funds is pivotal for most of the organizations. Therefore, priorities and trade-offs become part of the budgeting process, especially when facility managers are working out their funding allocations.

Facility management for Co-working spaces

By Kapil Sharma. Facility management for co-working offices is a different ball-game as compared to regular facility management. Most of these spaces are currently located in multi-tenanted buildings where a collaboration between the facility manager and developer is integral to ensure the basic amenities and utilities are provided seamlessly.

Strategies for facilities management

By Padmakumar P. Facilities management is an integrated approach to operate, improve, maintain and adapt the infrastructure of an organization in order to create the requisite environment, that will support its objectives. 

Role of FM in environmental performance of buildings

By Jayita De. The environmental performance of buildings fundamentally impacts people’s lives and the health of the planet. Although role of Facilities Management (FM) include, but not limited to, maintenance of building engineering equipment and cleaning, which plays a major role in fighting climate change and delivering sustainable economy.

Five elements in creating a great workplace experience

By Parvez Kazi. The workplace represents a meeting place for many people with different needs and behaviors. As the way to conduct business keeps on evolving with changing business needs, there is an imminent need to optimize real estate assets, improve productivity and address changing market conditions. 

Three ways facility managers can adopt new technologies in the FM industry

By Kapil Sharma. The pace of change and the complexity of new trends can be overwhelming even for seasoned facility managers. However, it is important for everyone to stay ahead of the curve and adopt these emerging technology trends and make them an integral part of the service offering to the customers. 

Six emerging trends in technology impacting the FM processes

By Kapil Sharma. The world of facility management (FM) is ever-dynamic. The pace of change in the facility management industry has fastened in the past five years and witnessed increasing inflow of technological solutions for various processes and services delivered through manual and non-technological methods. 

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