Each company leader’s primary business objective is to run the company. How often are they involved in leasing office space or lease renewals? Most likely no more than a few times in their business life. Landlords on the other hand rent space over and over again. In most cases, they even have an agent to help and advise them. Do they have an advantage? Definitely. How do company leaders balance this disadvantage? By engaging the services of their own qualified tenant representative.

An office lease is not only about the rent! A first-class office lease is incredibly complex. Tenants require expert advice in a number of areas to meet their real estate needs. This is what we believe in.

Tenant representation is a complex Real Estate Service provided by Real Estate Brokers for present or future tenants, covering all the areas of the office leasing process. The goal is to provide all the necessary information about Real Estate issues to the decision makers.

The Colliers Office Tenant Representation Team is equipped with the skills, knowledge and tools to intelligently assess the tenants’ space problem. We ensure that the lasing dcision – whether to stay or relocate – is reached after effective assessment of tenants’ needs and market evaluation.

Tenants often come across the question “Should I stay or should I go?” (Theme from Clash) whether to stay put, to stay put and expand or to fully relocate. We provide a well established decision making basis through a competitive needs analysis including financial and non-financial, technical, HR related analysis which compares the options that helps the tenant in choosing the optimum solution. Each Colliers consultant has a specific role in specific phases with a team leader who represents the client as a single point of contact. Using our in-depth market knowledge and through our extensive relationships with agents and landlords we shall manage and evaluate the entire office market supply as a single point of contact. This prevents the confusion multiple parallel assignments often cause. Please refer to the diagram below which also indicates the time and energy the tenant representative as a single point of contact can save the client.