To us, successful Property Management requires uncompromising professionalism, dedication, and an ability to strike delicate balances that only comes with years of experience.

We strive to develop good relationships with our tenants while keeping an appropriate distance from them, sympathetic but firm at the same time. They need to feel good in ‘their’ building but not neglect their own responsibilities.

When purchasing goods and instructing subcontractors, the challenge is to balance cost and quality. Often the service that looks cheapest at first glance is not the most favourable over time.

We are always conscious of the property’s cash flow and financing circumstances to ensure the successful management of your investment.

Finally, good Property Management means utmost dedication to the client and perfect transparency in our communications. A blend of in-house and contract services to ensure that the client is only contacted when we need their input – not just for the sake of it. Our job is to help, not to hassle!

Our Property Management services include the following:

  • tenant & contract management
  • invoicing and collection of rents and service charges
  • control of costs and expenditures
  • tendering and supervision of subcontractors and utility suppliers
  • supervision of Facility Management
  • preparation of annual service charge reconciliation
  • maintenance of up-to-date property and tenant records
  • provision of regular management reports


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