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The aim of the Market Research Team is to provide clients of Colliers Magyarország Kft. with accurate and reliable information on the relevant section of the real estate market. When performing market research, we assist our clients in making the right decision using various methods of market investigation and analysis both in Hungary and abroad.

In addition to preparing independent real estate market analyses, the Market Research Team is in close cooperation with other divisions. Our highly-trained and well-experienced market researchers assists the clients with relevant studies in order to assess market needs, facilitate decision making – thus reducing risk, and determining the accurate market value, according to specific client requirements.

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The Colliers International EMEA Research team provides expert advice and detailed reports, focusing on the following specialist areas - Investment, Offices, Industrial and Logistics, Retail and Hotels. Our dedicated researchers are continuously observing, tracking and reporting on major CEE and EMEA markets. We understand the importance of up to date and accurate information and know that trend monitoring and projections help you make critical decisions for the future of your business.

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Colliers International Hungary Mid-year Market Report - 2017

Budapest Research Forum Reports

The Budapest Research Forum (BRF) consists of the biggest commercial real estate agencies of the Hungarian market. The Budapest market players demand comprehensive and up-to date quarterly office and industrial market information provided by one reliable source, reflecting a common opinion of market professionals. Read here the quarterly Office and Industrial BRF Reports.


Multimodal logistics moves freight by combining two or more transport modes. In this area, Europe still lags the more advanced US market but has made steady progress. In its latest industrial research for the EMEA region highlights a number of examples of established and emerging European multimodal platforms and discusses the drivers and prospects for multimodal logistics in Europe, concluding that there are reasons to be optimist for this mode of transportation going forward. Click here for the complete report.

Debrecen as an office destination

Colliers Hungary’s report is a comprehensive study about Debrecen, which is the largest secondary city in Hungary. As an increasing number of international companies, especially from the SSC sector, are choosing Debrecen as an office destination we found it important to highlight the city’s key characteristics. In general the report contains information about the city’s infrastructure, labor force and employment ratios compared to Budapest and its flagship industries operating in the city and in the region. Additionally, we provide an analysis of the local market including the recent office market trends. The report provides an insight on the city’s office supply, demand and vacancy rates of the “A” and “B” class offices as well as an overview about the development pipeline in the upcoming years. We share information regarding the typical rent level both for “A” and the “B” class office buildings. If you wish to access further information, please feel free to contact us by sending us a message.

Cities of Influence Report - Where to find the best talent?

In order to provide an objective analysis of the attractiveness of major European office markets, Colliers has produced its inaugural European ‘Cities of Influence’ report. The study comprises a highly detailed analysis of a wide range of factors impacting the attractiveness and magnetism of twenty major European economic hubs. The report can be accessed by clicking here or at the picture.

CEE region from the BPO sector perspective

Emerging Europe Live is a series of engaging studio panel discussions about topics relevant to the region. They are recorded live and feature a selection of renowned experts, businesses and institutions.

The first episode in the series is entitled CEE: The Outsourcing Destination.
It features a special interview with the Minister for Economy of Bulgaria, a country that was named the Outsourcing Destination of 2015 by the UK-based National Outsourcing Association. The interview isfollowed by a discussion among experts and practitioners: Kerry Hallard, CEO of the National Outsourcing Association; Elias van Herwaarden, EMEA Service Leader for Global Location Strategies, Deloitte; Iglika Yordanova, Managing Director for Colliers International, Bulgaria and Scott Newman, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for State Street Bank GmbH, which has two outsourcing centres in Poland with almost 3,000 employees.

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