With 1.86 million residents, Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city and one of Europe’s most attractive business locations. The city’s prime industry is the services sector where roughly three-quarters of all employed people in Hamburg work. The Hanseatic City is home to more than 149,000 businesses from Germany and abroad.

One DAX company, four MDAX companies and seven SDAX companies are headquartered in Hamburg. The city’s leading industries include: port and logistics, aviation, life sciences, media and ICT. Other major employers come from the maritime and aviation industries as well as from the renewable energy sector.

More than half of all Germany-wide media products are made in Hamburg. The city is home to renowned publishing houses, which have been a major force on the Hamburg real estate market for decades. As Germany’s gateway to the world, the Port of Hamburg has played a dominant role in the development of the city for many years. It is the largest maritime port in Germany and the third largest in Europe, trailing only Rotterdam and Antwerp. The city is also growing due to its economic prosperity. Recent forecasts expect the city’s population to grow to around 1.9 million by 2030.