On February 22, Colliers International started supporting “Everyone Gives”, a revolutionary, eight day, social giving campaign, which launched in more than 60 countries around the world. 

Participants make a small donation – such as €5 – to a charity that’s important to them, tell five friends and ask those friends to each tell five more.

“I think of it as a giving tree,” explains Doug Frye, President and CEO of Colliers International, one of the world’s largest commercial real estate firms and founding sponsor.“One donation becomes five, five become 25 and 25 can become hundreds. And you can track your giving tree and your friends’ giving trees on the Everyone Gives website.”

Everyone Gives also draws on the power of social media to spread the word among people’s social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

“It’s exciting because it’s never been done before,”continues Frye. “This isn’t another one-off charity donation; this is about enabling individuals to engage their personal connections to give more to the charities they are passionate about. So please post, like, tweet, email and ask the people in your network to support your favourite cause or pick a charity of their own.”

In Europe over 75 charities registered with Everyone Gives. In Greece current charities signed up for Everyone Gives and that Colliers International Hellas supports are BE STRONG and Lifeline Humanitarian Organization. 


Be STRONG is a nonprofit organization founded in 2007 in order to provide factual information on cancer, its prevention and to support cancer patients, their families and friends. Their vision is for a future where everyone has equal access to information and the support they need to face cancer with confidence and to release themselves from the phobic attitude of today’s society towards it. Their mission is to provide all the information and support by any means they have! For more information: www.bestrong.org.gr


As for Lifeline Humanitarian Organization, it was founded in 1993 by Crown Princess Katherine and today it has offices in Athens, Belgrade, London, Chicago, New York and Toronto. Its activities include supporting numerous hospitals and patients, cultural institutions and children.  Lifeline Hellas finds the most serious needs and tries to help directly. The Crown Princess believes that there are no borders in suffering, since race and ethnicity do not matter. For more information: www.lifelineaid.org


100% of each donation will go directly to the charity a participant selects.  


Those interested can register on the Everyone Gives website or follow the event on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for updates.