Investors in the real estate market require objective and fair feedback on their property’s real estate value, given the existing and future market trends. Our experts apply up-to-date regional and international data to assess all types of commercial property on the market, and calculate the value changes against the market trends in short and medium term.

Given the rapidly changing Baltic real estate market, Colliers International invests great resources in systematic market data collection and analysis. We have developed a comprehensive database, which is regularly updated with the latest market monitoring results. This database establishes a solid foundation for office, retail, hotel, warehouse, industrial space and land market analysis.

Colliers does not treat valuation as a straight-forward task. Rather, we consider it as a strategic resource for our clients. One of our key products for investors is continuous valuation, which allows the continual tracking of real estate asset value.

Our valuation specialists comply with such international valuation standards as the IVS/IAS/EVS (International Valuation and Accounting Standards, European Valuation Standards), Estonian Valuation Standards and the RICS Red Book.

Our Valuation services include:

  • Value assessment
  • Prognosis of probable value changes throughout project development stages
  • Strategic advice on property sale / purchase
  • Continuous annual valuations for accounting purposes