The EMEA Workplace Solutions team helps organisations with translating business challenges into concrete workplace solutions. Focus is on creating work environments that are efficient and able to accommodate growth, but even more important, environments that are able to accelerate business for the organisation.

If you are planning to review your business model, if you are expecting a change in your real estate portfolio or simply want to increase employee engagement, our Workplace Solutions team will provide specialist advice to help you achieve your goals.

Our Services

Our specialists start with exploring your business goals and challenges in order to be able to align the future workplace solutions with these goals. Organisational demands will be researched by analysing work processes, workstyles, and current way of working, all in close cooperation with the HR, IT and facility departments.

We will define requirements for location, the building and interior, ideally early in the process. We’ll also define IT and behaviour requirements needed to facilitate the newly defined ways of working. A change management strategy will be defined and executed based on the gap between the current situation and future situation.

Once we have defined and implemented your workplace solutions, we will check what and how much the initiatives contribute to your company’s specific goals and define KPIs to keep track on cost savings and increased productivity.

Why Choose Us

Our dedicated Workplace Solutions team ensures that projects are completed with a high degree of professionalism, quality and creativity within the designated timeframe. Our professionals have diverse backgrounds including business/organisation, real estate, sociology and architecture which allows us to create a truly multidisciplinary approach delivering creative solutions. The Workplace Solutions team has global coverage, with local workplace specialists all over the world. Our global approach is consistent without losing the ability to adjust to local cultural differences and market conditions.