Work is changing and so is the workplace..

Changing organisational structures, increasing agility, multiple generations working together, new technologies. These changes ask for rethinking the way we work. Colliers International takes a holistic fact based approach to create an empowering work environment that is ready for the future. If you are considering to change your work environment, planning to review your business model, changing headcount; or if you want to increase employee engagement and become an employer of choice, Colliers International’s Workplace Solutions is here to help you make the right choices.

Our Services

Colliers starts the workplace envisioning with exploring and prioritising the most important business goals followed by defining a way of working and work environment characteristics that positively impact on these goals. Organisational demands will be researched by analysing organisational strategy, work processes, workstyles and lifestyles of today’s and tomorrow’s employees in close cooperation with HR, IT and Facility departments. All gathered information will be translated into workplace solutions and requirements that truly accelerate your business.

Why Choose Us

We are a team of innovative forward thinking workplace experts. The Workplace Solutions team has global coverage, with more than 60 workplace experts across the world, experienced in working for the most innovative companies. Our global approach is consistent without losing the ability to adjust to local cultural differences and market conditions. We measure success and by doing so we know what solutions work, where and for whom.

For whom do we work