Univeg Logistics is a specialized logistics provider of the grocery goods stored in different temperature regimes. The main demand of the company has been several temperature zones and capacity to install additional refrigeration equipment in the leased area.

JSC Infrastoy Bykovo was founded in 2001. Today it is one of the largest warehouse and industrial complexes of Class A in the Moscow region. Infrastoy Bykovo is situated in Bykovo 19 km from MKAD South East of Moscow. The advantages of the complex are the capacity of the functioning railway line, the ceiling height more than 14 m, the large amount of the parking places. The total area of the land plot is 210 ha; the total area of the facilities put into operation is 241,000 sqm.

Vladislav Ryabov, Director of the Warehouse, Land and Industrial Property Colliers International:

“Bykovo logistics complex has become the optimum alternative for the distribution center of Univeg logistics due to their specific requirements to the quality of warehouse complex, reconstruction needs and additional electric power supplies”.